Best Championship Bowl Games of All-Time

The excitement of a football game builds, like a hill into a mountain. One team will sit on the top when it is finished, and one will fall into defeat. This was the case with the Alabama vs Penn State.

Alabama vs Penn State, finished the game with a 14 to 7 score, Alabama rising as champion. Nevertheless, the game was a battle to the finish. This game ran the gauntlet with only a few points accumulated by either side. In the end, “Barry Krauss” locked Mike Gunn on the one-yard line. Now, that’s tough football. This performance was no surprise for Alabama fans, with the “Bear” (Paul William “Bear” Bryant) at the helm.  I have a strong feeling Alabama is going to be in the playoffs again this year.

Texas 41 vs USC 38 competed during the BCS National Championship on January 4, 2006. Players displayed their talents in this game. Young threw the ball accumulating 267 yards. Trekked down the field for 200 yards and placed three touchdowns, this includes the 19-second winning touchdown.

Notre Dame Vs Alabama, ended up 24-23 in favor of Notre Dame, this was a battle to the finish by two teams with a history of fighting to the end. These teams volleyed back and forth until the third down Tom Clemons spirited a 36-yard pass to Robin Weber sealing the victory for Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl on December 31, 1973.  This was one of my favorite bowl games ever.

The Orange Bowl between Miami vs Nebraska presented a true challenge for these to strong-willed teams. During January 2,1984, the duel between Miami and Nebraska took shape and the gauntlet was laid down. This was a fight to the finish with Miami lifting the trophy in victory, 31-30. Only the strategy and perhaps the lack of overtime in a college game kept the Huskers from making this a tie game. Coming from behind at 17-0, Nebraska made this game, a memorable, clashing of opponents.

January 6, 2014, BCS game between Florida State and Auburn University ended with, Florida State 34, Auburn 31. The Auburn Tigers started off with a nice lead placing Florida State at a disadvantage in the second quarter, but it was quickly chipped down through the playing efforts of quarterback Jameis Winston. Both teams wanted to win, but Florida State decided, they would be the victor.

In the 1981 Sugar Bowl, Georgia Vs Notre Dame was an unforgettable event as Herschel Walker of Georgia took the field. Barreling down the field despite a shoulder injury, Walker gained two touchdowns after carrying the ball 36 times. The “Fighting Irish” were not giving him an easy time. Yet, he took 150 yards helping his team to victory. Georgia won 17-10 against Notre Dame.

The best thing about a bowl game is the fan base. When teams play a bowl game, attending or watching the game is a requirement. Attendance is off the hook, each side rooting for the home team, home or away, no matter, the weather or the cost. The games go on. Even in a recession, money for attendance comes out of the woodwork. During prep for a game trip the question was presented at the airport to Alabama fans,” Do you have enough planes to accommodate”, the answer was, do not worry about the planes, just bring your money, “Roll Tide.

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